Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Final Post

Well this is it, me and my journey are leaving for this year and moving up a level in school year it has been a great journey to work with intelligent student, teachers and also relievers but the sad part is to say good bye to some of my friends how are moving and going to a different college like my bestest friend Leki how is going to pakuraga college and for me as I go to Sacred heart college all boy school I am exited because I get to make all sorts of friends also different cultures I hope my and my friends/teachers have a awesome term next year 
God bless

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Today we were so grateful for having precious people like Te - Ranga - Tera to provided us with cookies
to decorate with our soul friend it was so lovely watching my soul friend making her own cookie
on her own

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


                  Today I having been working with my group to work                                              out equations  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Award From Math Whizz

Today is a great day because I have just earned myself a award
for one of the best improved students in Math Whizz

Thursday, September 18, 2014



Opening Statement: Net books, Net books is perfect for our learning

Induction Why is Net books a perfect learning tool in Room 7 ?

Body: I definitely will say "yes" because we can use Net books to Research Ideas Like in the
         past few weeks in Languages & Languages we have been studying on Spain and I found lots
         of Interesting and Specific facts and also learned there languages For example Buenos 
Dias means Good Morning, Como Estas is How are you and Adios means Goodbye
        Sometimes When we feel disinterested and don’t want to do anything and be exhausted We feel
like having a time out on Playing Games and doing the wrong things like Listening to 
Music and chatting to friends during learning time.

Also we use Net books to Communicate with others, 
Email each other or either chat with Friends, Teachers and parent/caregivers

We can use the wireless to access internet at home and school, Also Websites and much
more. We use Google to Identify & Research ideas. Also that in the future we
become a Successful person and a Well teached people.

Adios and thank for being a Great Audience, I hope you have 
Learn't about the process of the Net books and how it effects room 7's Learning

The End Thank you


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Speech Judging Criteria


TITLE: Netbooks (Why Netbooks is postive)

• audience is hooked in with an interesting quotes or jokes or statistical information

*I think I could of use more fluence and make my statement more powerful to interest the class.

Presentation and Delivery
• Facial and body gestures must enhance not distract from   the speech
• Use of eye-contact
• Relaxed stance
• Use of pause to allow the audience to assimilate the message
• Variety of pace

Content of Speech
The message of the speech is clear
Is it relevant,, meaningful clear and concise?
Ideas are well elaborated and supported.
Use of specific vocabulary
Clear sequence and flow

*I think I achieve the message “Netbooks Netbooks is perfect for our learning” Also I think that it was relevant to what I was saying. and I could of use specific vocab    

Argument is summed up
Has an overall impact Audience Reaction
*I think saying thank you on my speech was not summed up
to interest the audience. Also i'm not saying it is a bad word  

             2/ 5
REMARKS  - You have done well Lopeti.  I think you could add a more details to your content to support  ideas.  


Friday, August 29, 2014

TERM 3 Expressive Writing

During Morning Tea I and the boys had our lunch then we went to the back and started playing kicks on the wall.It was awesome because we were working as a team to try and make the ball 
go out.

straight after playing our game.We went to the front and played some dodge ball. When we got some people out we thought that they were all out but there was two more girls in Jane and Deja.

When Interval was over Sister Leone walked in then stared talking to our classroom. When she stared talking to us she was talking about God also Jesus. After she finish saying her words then she
Asked if we could have a 3 Min Reflective prayer     

Sacrament of Holy Commuion

This is a video of my partner and I who I worked with on Monday,we have created a Flyer about our sacrament of Holy Communion, we had found out the Scripture, Word, symbols, and also the meaning of Holy Communion.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014


This Morning I learned fractions with our teacher Mrs Tui for examples we got equations like 1/4 of 50 and 2/5 of 30 and more but the only word that we could
use were Whole, Shared and Taken Out.

eg: 3/6 of 50 - 50 is the Whole and it is Shared into 6 equal parts
      and 3 has been Taken Out
     4/8 of 30 - 30 is the Whole and it is Shared into 8 equal parts
     and 4 has been Taken out


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Milk Experiment

Conclusion - The Condensed Milk did Not freeze because there was completely no water added in it.
the other Milk like the Almond, Soy and the Up and Go Milk was completely frozen because there were a lot of water added in it.

Type of milk
what it looked like once it had frozen
Time taken to freeze
Condensed Milk
The Condensed Milk was not frozen because the water in the Condensed Milk was removed.
The Condensed milk did not freeze because it has no water in it
Soy Milk
When the Soy Milk was brought out of the freezer it looked like pineapples that were smashed together but in a different colour  
Almond Milk
The Almond Milk was frozen because it has a lot of water in it

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mrs Pole's Farewell

Today St Pius X Catholic School had a special mass for a loving and intelligent lady Mrs Pole that is retiring.  It is one of my saddest days ever.St pius prepared a lovely mass for a morning start For Mrs pole’s farewell. Mrs Pole is a very talented  Art teacher.  She has skills, techniques and much more in doing Art.Mrs Pole first Came to St Pius in 1996 when there were some Nuns still around the area. The Nuns lived here in the prespretere.Mrs Pole Has been here nearly 17 years (You must be thinking what a long time till now). For her farewell people started giving Her gifts and cards and making wonderful speeches,Mrs Pole was lucky to have ex student that she taught from long time ago Mrs Pole Had the greatest classroom a had the funnIest times with her class Mrs pole will never forget her little children in room 4.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Goals For Term 2

Welcome to term 2. My writing goals for term 2 is to use capital letters and fullstops consistently and to add more details and to use structure of explanation correctly.

My Maths Goal for term 2, stage 5 is to focus on my grouping within 100 using fives and also doubles & halves to 100 and to really focus on my Multiples of 100 to 100.

Friday, April 4, 2014


I wonder if the people that was distracted learn't something

Thursday, April 3, 2014

R.E - Padlet

              We have being learning about lent. We have being using padlet of doing our work on it.Lent                 stared on ash Wednesday And that is the day we stared doing this padlet.
              I Hope You Learn Alot of information about lent  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Soul Friend


Today my task was to interview and write a short summary on a fine young eight year old, whom in the very short time of my interview found her to be intelligent.  Wow this young bubbly individual happens to be my soul friend.  She’s in Room 3 and a Year 4 student, St Pius X Catholic School.

Her name is Katelyn she go’s to her favourite book is the hunger games and she has also watch the movie she say’s that it was AWESOME!!.  She tells me that she enjoys all mmmm unhealthy snacks like pizza and coca cola. The person who inspire her is her intelligent mother their culture are Niue.  

She adores Jennifer Lawrence’s acting skills and loves Beyonce’s singing ability and talent.  Her best friend is Fiapo Manuhaapai.  Banana gives fuel to last her all day.  Purple is her favourite colour purple.  Her favourite teacher is mrs ana and the game that she loves is call of duty on X - 360. She was born on 18 October 2005 at Auckland Hospital.