Friday, August 29, 2014

TERM 3 Expressive Writing

During Morning Tea I and the boys had our lunch then we went to the back and started playing kicks on the wall.It was awesome because we were working as a team to try and make the ball 
go out.

straight after playing our game.We went to the front and played some dodge ball. When we got some people out we thought that they were all out but there was two more girls in Jane and Deja.

When Interval was over Sister Leone walked in then stared talking to our classroom. When she stared talking to us she was talking about God also Jesus. After she finish saying her words then she
Asked if we could have a 3 Min Reflective prayer     

Sacrament of Holy Commuion

This is a video of my partner and I who I worked with on Monday,we have created a Flyer about our sacrament of Holy Communion, we had found out the Scripture, Word, symbols, and also the meaning of Holy Communion.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014


This Morning I learned fractions with our teacher Mrs Tui for examples we got equations like 1/4 of 50 and 2/5 of 30 and more but the only word that we could
use were Whole, Shared and Taken Out.

eg: 3/6 of 50 - 50 is the Whole and it is Shared into 6 equal parts
      and 3 has been Taken Out
     4/8 of 30 - 30 is the Whole and it is Shared into 8 equal parts
     and 4 has been Taken out