Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cross Country

On a sunny Friday we had cross country, mass and an assembly. We all had our ages writen on our hand for the cross country in the afternoon. There were races for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
We had mass first for the feast of St Pius the X. When mass was finished we all went to the hall for morning tea, the feast of St Pius the X. I had cake, it was a banana cake the flavor was a banana and a yellow icing on the top.

After morning tea room 6 had a assembly but first we had a rehearsal it was awesome. Mrs Bell rang the bell and all the classes came and sat down on the floor for the virtues song. Some people sang to the song then we started our assembly and a prayer. It was my turn to say my prayer, “for me hope means to never give up even if it is hard but I just do it because I have faith in god”. Then we called the netball coaches to come in to get their awards.

We had a shared lunch. It was cool. The boys had takeaways and lots of other stuff. Then it was time for cross - country. “It was time for some running", I said. We sat in our ages. I sat in the 10 year old boys and girls. When it came I time to run I was excited. We started to run, I was already tired but I came 2nd. Ezra came 1st, 3rd was Justin and 4th was Christopher.

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