Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Day We Went To The Past...

When I got to school I was so excited because we were going it Howick Village. We saw people going into the bus I knew I had to hurry. I got out of the car and ran as fast as I could and got into the bus and sat next to David and Sione Dale. As I was waiting patiently in the bus it was time to go. After our long drive we finally reached our destination. We were finally in Pakuranga. All the students was so excited. We were finally there! First we were excited because our class was going first to the Parlour games. We went with Miss Donny. The first game we played was with a string, we had to put the string under our legs and put it over our head. My team was Tiger and the other team was called Broncos. All my group started to say yeah we won! The next game we played was neck to neck. We played it  with a cotton ball. We needed to put the  ball on our neck and then pass the ball to the person next to you neck. We were in the same team. Then Miss Donny said that we can  go look around the house . Then all of us heard the bell ring and Miss Donny told us that we a going to  the schoolhouse next. She told us that the teacher was very strict and all of us were scared.
We also got to write with nib and ink and slates and a slate pencil. It was made out of stone and that was pretty cool. We were excited because we are going to make a trolley. We finished first and could ride on the trolley, but it have to be a girl first.  The visit was fun and and exciting too. I learnt lots about living in the 1800s.

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