Wednesday, June 19, 2013

jonny 's visit

On Wednesday a very special visitor came to room 6's his name was Jonny Wartman. He is a very intelligent graffiti artist. Jonny lived in Christchurch down south. Jonny has 1 daughter and a wife. Jonny came in the class we started off with a prayer then he told us about himself and what he does at his work.Then he asked Miss Leaupepe if we could go outside so he can spraypanit on a 2m x 1m paper. First he showed us his equipment like spray cans and caps for the spray. And Jonny said what do we want him to spray we all said a sunset then Miss said if he could graffiti SPX. Then he was finished then we all clapped for his wonderful art. After that we all took a photo with him we talk a nomarl and a funny photo. I WOULD LIKE TO BE A INTELLIGENT GRAFFITI ARTIST LIKE HIM.
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  1. Wow nice work keep it up and keep on writing about visitors who come in your class room but I think that was awesome nice work.=)