Friday, March 21, 2014

Soul Friend


Today my task was to interview and write a short summary on a fine young eight year old, whom in the very short time of my interview found her to be intelligent.  Wow this young bubbly individual happens to be my soul friend.  She’s in Room 3 and a Year 4 student, St Pius X Catholic School.

Her name is Katelyn she go’s to her favourite book is the hunger games and she has also watch the movie she say’s that it was AWESOME!!.  She tells me that she enjoys all mmmm unhealthy snacks like pizza and coca cola. The person who inspire her is her intelligent mother their culture are Niue.  

She adores Jennifer Lawrence’s acting skills and loves Beyonce’s singing ability and talent.  Her best friend is Fiapo Manuhaapai.  Banana gives fuel to last her all day.  Purple is her favourite colour purple.  Her favourite teacher is mrs ana and the game that she loves is call of duty on X - 360. She was born on 18 October 2005 at Auckland Hospital.


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